Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby's First Baseball Game!

My family was in town a few weeks ago (more on that soon) and we took Quinn to see the Washington Nationals play the Milwaukee Brewers. It was a beautiful day at the ballpark - even if the cellar-dwelling Nats lost 2-5.

Here's Quinn with her rally cap, getting some baseball tips from her two grandpas.

Here's Grandma and Auntie Jessica having a good time...

Shiny new Nationals Field (which is actually pretty cool - the food is darn good, as advertised)


Unknown said...

Fun Times!

lifestudent said...

Just surfing around and saw your post. I went to a Nationals game just recently on a trip to DC (Nats vs Cubs) and ate like a pig. The stadium was really nice and the food options were more than I could handle ... so I had to eat about 5 different things.