Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Finish Line

Obama wins! What a crazy primary - can't say I'm sorry its over (fingers crossed). More to say later, no doubt, but for now I think its a great night for the nation and potentially a first step for a potentially great president.


hbomb said...

Watching the speeches of McCain, then Clinton, then Obama reminded me of a public speaking teacher giving models to the class: Here is a bad speech. Do you notice how he is patronzing the audience and forcing that creepy smile? Next we have a decent speech. She seems to be doing well with words, but it is a bit formulaic and robotic. Finally, here is an excellent speech. Notice how you are inspired and nearly moved to tears? This man is on a diffent level. He is playing an entirely different game.

t said...

hey hbomb -- haha, yeah. I think the side-by-side comparison of the two speeches is up all over the blogs. The man surely knows how to make a connection -- it comes through even watching it on youtube.