Monday, October 31, 2005

red sox, white sox, blue sox?

Like H-Bomb and lots of other people, I was pretty psyched to see the Chicago White Sox win the World Series last week. Although I think of myself as a transplanted Bay Area fan (Giants, A's, 49ers), local sports nationalism has carved out a (roughly equally sized) soft spot in my heart for the Sox and the Cubs. Plus I love underdogs, in sports and other things, so its nice to see both Red and White Sox take a series after so many decades of whiffs. So maybe that means it will be the Cubs' turn next year? Right? Right?

I actually watched or listened to most of the Series, although, lamely, I sat through the tedious first 13 innings of game 3 and bailed just a few minutes before it got interesting. My favorite bit was the Fox sportscasters name-checking Hyde Park (but not, say, Bridgeport) at the close of game 4. Probably had some UofC intern do their local color research for them; I'll bet Mayor Daley's friends will give them a stern talking-to. At any rate, the Sox played tough for the whole post-season; they didn't blow anyone out, but they did come through with clutch hits, clutch strikeouts and great catches when they needed them. Go Sox.

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