Saturday, August 01, 2009

Advice of the Day

From sci-fi author John Scalzi, something to ponder:
Because one hears of writers who have made great sacrifices in order to work on their writing, including giving up jobs, friends and spouses in order to put their words into being. Does one have to be willing to put that all on the line for one’s art?

Nah. What you really need to do is cut an hour of TV watching out of your day. Seriously, now: Keep your job, keep your marriage, keep your friends, keep the kids. Just drop an hour of TV.

Because, look: If you’ve got an hour a day to write uninterrupted, you can probably manage between 250 and 500 words a day. Do that five days a week, and in the course of a year that’s between 65,250 and 130,500 words; i.e., hey, you’ve gone and written a novel. All while keeping your day job and not turning into a hermit. This is not complicated.
Hmmmmm. Might have to try that (not that I generally watch that much TV, but still...)

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Unknown said...

I like this quote, integrate everything you like to do in every week. It makes you crazy and happy at the same time. Time is always the limiting factor.