Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not even wrong

I vividly remember the following conversation from high school:
Female friend: Someday a woman will be president.

Male friend: No. Women aren't capable of leading an entire nation.

Female friend: But Margaret Thatcher was prime minister of Great Britain for many years!

Male friend: Oh yeah. Well, everyone knows that it's really the Queen who runs things over there.

Female friend: ...
For some reason I am reminded of this whenever I read about the bizarre things people are saying about health care reform. Such as the notion that if Stephen Hawking were British he "wouldn't have a chance" under the National Health Service. Or Medicare recipients protesting against "socialized medicine." Or Sarah Palin talking crazy talk about "death panels" that don't exist. Sigh.


Unknown said...

Ah yes, ironic ignorance.
What a funny conversation!
Loved the click through to the Stephan Hawking discussion...

Keith said...

I can remember who said it. I'll keep that in mind any time I think about joining Facebook.

t said...

Hi Keith - heh .