Monday, January 19, 2009

Long Goodbye, Almost Gone

Well there's less than 24 hours left in President Bush's term. Seems like a good time for one last peek at the good ole Bush approval rating chart, doncha think?
Data compiled by Prof. Pollkatz

A long slow slide with a few punctuation marks here and there. Man, doesn't it seem like Bush has been a lame duck forever? At least since the 2006 elections (and maybe since Katrina) it seems like the country's just been waiting around for someone - anyone! - else to take over. Even Bush himself seems to have a massive case of senioritis.

At any rate: good riddance. Torture, wiretapping, lies about WMD, the Iraq war, Guantanamo, politicizing the Justice Department, the war on science, gutting the Clean Air Act, eight years of nothing on climate change, tax cuts for the rich, and the worst recession since the Great Depression. I hope he enjoys his retirement.


Doug Rudd said...

According to this article Bush started moving out 6 months ago. Even he realized he was the lamest of duck presidents for a long time.

Are you guys going to the inaugural?

t said...

Hey Doug - yeah, we're going to try anyway :) not sure how close we'll be able to get, and if Quinn starts to get fussy we may have to bail. But we're going to try to push through the invading hordes, find a jumbotron or something.

Doug Rudd said...

I thought about taking the train down for the day, but without tickets I figured it was better to watch a tv inside in NJ than one outside in the cold in DC.

Still, I'm jealous :)

Post pics!

t said...

I bet you'll have a much better view from your tv in jersey, actually. But I definitely will post pics.

Actually, a lot of the DC natives I know made it a point to get the hell out of town for this weekend. My boss is up skiing in Vermont or something like that.

The rest of us are bracing for the impact. Should be pretty awesome though...