Monday, October 27, 2008

Theoretical Maximum

We were playing Scrabble tonight and Laura Jean mentioned that you can score something like 1,500 points on a single turn if you play your tiles right. This blew my tiny, tiny mind, but it's true!

In the right context, playing the word "BENZOXYCAMPHORS" will net you a cool 1,962 points. Thank you, triple-word-scores. If you want to be a stickler and restrict yourself to words found in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, you can play "DEMYTHOLOGIZERS" for 1,682 points. And back in the real world, these two guys netted a total of 1,320 points in one actual game.


BrownieCentral said...

hmm, and the probability of the theoretical maximum? it would take a pretty specific board layout for some of those big words to work - i mean you only have 7 tiles in your hand, so half the word has to be in the right place on the board for your play to work - and any triple word scores they cover wouldn't count, right? :P sounds like a fun night!

t said...

Hi eco - Ha! I'm pretty sure the probability is almost zero. In fact, I bet you could almost show that any rational opponent would never let the game get to that layout since they would never leave those triples unplayed.

According to the slate article, the highest actual single play was like 365, and they described that as a strategic blunder by the other player.

But it's still fun to play around with =)