Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Russian Dance

by Tom Waits. Music from the play, The Black Rider.

(In college I had a small part in a staging of Gogol's The Inspector General where this song was used for the surreal, dream-like climax of the play. It worked really, really well in that context. I have no idea where the video is from--Russia, perhaps?--but it's kind of awesome.)


Anonymous said...

I was there and he's right, it was amazing. After all these years (not that many years) that scene still sticks in my mind. I think you might have been a better horse than Harry Potter.

t said...

Keith! Glad that play is still getting good notices over a decade later =) Also, did you see HP in Equus? I'd be curious to hear what you thought?

asteroid b-612 said...

It's so nice that music gets people together. I had put this video to my blog and was searching that where it's from. So i found your blog, i liked it. My English is not so well but music no needs words to make people together. And it gives hope to me about world...Good wishes from Turkey :) Olcay...

t said...

Hi Olcay - thanks for dropping by and good wishes to you too. It's true that music is one of those things that bring us together. Any music recommendations from Turkey?

asteroid b-612 said...

:)i listen blues rock classic and world music mostly but i want u to listen a turkish song that i like. it is here:

It's a song from a poem of a great Turkish poet Can Yucel..And it says something like that:
i want something different
it doesn't seem like a tree
it doesn't seem like a cloud
the country that i will go
is not like here
its sea is different
its weather is different...
(my translation is not good but it's a song about looking for something...about dreaming a new life...

Here is another poem from Can Yucel in English..It's name is "Everything Depends on You":

You are as heavy as the ground pulls you,
As light as your wings flutter..
You are as alive as your heart beats,
As young as your eyes see distance...
You are as good as the people you love,
As bad as the people you hate..
Whatever the color of your eyebrows and your eyes are,
Your color is what the one facing you sees..
Don't think that what you lived is what you gained:
You are as close to the end as you lived; however long you live,
Your life is as long as you love..
You are as happy as you can smile.
Don't be sad, know that you will smile as much as you cry
Don't think that everything is over,
You will be loved as much as you love.
The value nature gives you is in the rise of the sun
And you are as human as the value you give to the one facing you.
If you will lie one day;
Let the one you address believe you as much as the trust for you.
The longing for the loved one is in the moon light,
And you are as close to your love as you long for.
Don't forget, you are as wet as it rains,
As warm as the sun warms you.
You are as alone as you feel alone
And as strong as you feel strong.
You are as beautiful as you feel beautiful..
This is life!
This is living,
You live as much as you remember this
When you forget this, you feel as cold as every breath you take
And you are forgotten as soon as you forget
A flower is as beautiful as it is watered,
Birds are as sweet as they chitter,
A baby is as baby as it cries.
And you know everything as much as you learn, learn this as well,


And here is two songs from a french movie that i like. I listen these songs these days... Maybe u know movie's name is "Les Chansons D'amour" You can listen them here:

I hope you like...Olcay :)

t said...

Hi Olcay,

Thanks for the songs and poetry and translations - I like very much, especially the first one. I'm not familiar with the film you mention, but I'll have to check it out. Take care!