Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Twisted Link 'o' the Week

I saw this at an animation festival years ago and very nearly actually died laughing. Click the red balloon. What a wonderful thing is YouTube that such happy memories can be revisited often (I don't think this link has the full clip, but you'll get the idea).

Billy's Balloon, by Don Hertzfeldt

It is possible that I am a bad person for finding this funny. You have been warned.


Anonymous said...

I love Billy's Balloon. I think that the moment you realize the cartoon is truly a keeper is when Billy floating along and meets a friend in the same predicament. Have you seen "Rejected"? "My anus is bleeding!" Indeed.


t said...

ooh yeah, rejected is pretty awesome too. I like where the animated characters are beating on the 'paper' trying to escape.

daraka kenric said...

So, I didn't know this, but apparemently this guy lives near Santa Barbara, my hometown. He was featured in a cover story in our weekly "alternative" newspaper. I love his stuff.