Sunday, June 07, 2009

Automatic Baby

We just did an all-R.E.M. service at church today - pretty fun. Anyway, while I was poking around on YouTube for inspiration, I came across this:

This being one-half of U2 (bass and drums) plus one-half of R.E.M. (singer and guitar) doing a pretty great live version of U2's song 'One.' A few years ago I actually spent several hours trying to track down a mp3 of this performance somewhere online. I should have known just to check youTube.

I really like Michael Stipe's vocal here and the very R.E.M.-y harmonies he does with Mike Mills. But still: this is really Bono's song - it's hard to beat the original.


Keith said...

Over the last few years, I've thought that Mary managed to revive a song which had been over-exploited by one too many telethons: Watching her perform it live does make me question all the time I spent listening to pseudo-indie boys with guitars on Alice.

t said...

Hey Keith - ha! I literally have not thought about Alice in years.

It occurs to me the radio in general just absolutely sucks these days. Is there a radio station that would even play MJB and U2 back to back? Maybe now that they're both 'oldies' I guess. At least that's how it seems in the US, maybe it's better over in the UK?

Anyway, great version, thanks for the link.