Sunday, May 10, 2009

60 Minutes on Chevron

Apropos of my earlier post on the Chevron in Ecuador lawsuit, 60 Minutes just did a really nice and informative segment on the issue. Chevron does not come out smelling like roses here and it is great that the issue is getting wider attention. (Video not embedded because of a really annoying ad that automatically starts playing - click the link to watch.)



Anna Kay said...

I really hope justice will be served and Chevron will have to pay for what it did to those poor people. Drinking water is contaminated, people are dying of cancer and skin diseases, their lives are destroyed. Denying, downplaying and manipulating- that’s all Chevron can do. Instead of wasting money fighting in courts, they should take responsibility and clean up that mess.
Here’s an interesting blog about the contamination:

t said...

Anna - thanks for dropping by and thanks for the link. Looks like an interesting blog.

What we saw down in Coca was awful, but it doesn't surprise me that Chevron would lie and try to cover up. They're just following the strategy of the tobacco companies for avoiding liability. It's almost written into their corporate DNA.

Hopefully the judge will see through all that.