Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Deserved Mockery

Here's a funny article from the Chicago Maroon about a visit by members of the odious (and utterly irrelevant) Westboro Baptist Church to the U of Chicago campus (apparently to protest Obama).

The counter-protest signs are pretty clever, especially "God (hearts) Internet Porn," "God Hates the New Facebook" and the typically literate "Jesus rebuked the fig as an evil abomination." As the student says, "If you need scanty biblical evidence for anything, we’ve got it." Go Maroons! (Via.)


Rachel said...

I had seen a reference to this counter-protest, but nothing as in-depth as this article.

Thanks for posting. Though this did make me a bit homesick for Chi and Hyde Park. :(

t said...

Hey Rachel - yeah, I miss Chicago and HP too... And where you are, Chicago probably seems tropical in comparison.