Monday, November 03, 2008

Survey Says

Now no one knows who will win tomorrow until the actual votes are counted ... I certainly won't believe Obama wins until Fox News admits it. But if Obama doesn't win tomorrow, there will be a lot of pollsters out of work come Wednesday. Just sayin...

As of right now:
  • has Obama 346.5 - McCain 191.5 in the electoral college and Obama +5.9 in the popular vote. They give McCain a 1.9% chance of becoming the 44th president.
  • has Obama 311 - McCain 142 in the electoral college (with 85 as tossups) and Obama +7.0.
  • has Obama 278 - McCain 132 (with 128 tossups) and Obama +7.3.
  • has Obama 353 - McCain 185.
(Chart courtesy of Charles Franklin.)

As John Scalzi says, it will be nice once this election is over so I'm not constantly "refreshing like a rat at a feeder bar." That said, we're off to VA tomorrow morning for GOTV.

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