Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Does Not Bode Well...

We're back from our trip to the Gulf Coast, and I have to say, flying sure has become more annoying in the past year. The second leg of our journey was on US Airways and they:
  • charged us $55 to check our bags,
  • tried to charge us $2 for water and $1 for coffee on the in-flight beverage service (no thanks), and, worst of all,
  • we had to listen to an advertisement for a credit card offer, announced over the PA right after they completed the usual safety instructions.
I guess all that brings the face-value of the ticket down a few bucks, but still ... yuk. And all this after the flight was delayed by an electrical problem and they needed time to "reboot" the aircraft by hitting "Ctrl-Alt-Del." Maybe not the best choice of words, is all I'm saying...

At any rate, the flight back was uneventful and we got out just before tropical storm Fay swung through the area.


Eugene said...

Sorry to hear about that US Airways mess. Yeah US is leading the way down to the bottom. United is not far behind...they are going to start charging for food on some international flights. I mean, the food sucks already, now you have to pay for it too.

t said...

Yeah, US Airways is pretty bad. Air Tran (on the way back) was much better.

I can't remember the last time I had a free meal on an airplane.