Sunday, July 13, 2008

Earth From Above

The shoreline of Lake Mead. (While on our trip to Vegas, we took a brief plane ride over the Grand Canyon -- amazing! -- and snapped this photo.) The region is currently in a drought and the lake is way way down and so this stretch of shoreline is usually underwater. Which is partly why it looks so bleached, although, honestly, the area around the lake is pretty stark to begin with.

(fyi Earth From Above is also the name of a fairly amazing series of photos by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,
The pic of Lake Mead and your environmental graffiti link spurred me to visit Google Earth and revisit our trip over Italy pass. You can mow do a topo map overlay and also pan tilt and zoom. I particularly like the addition of the Bigfoot sighting project and also the way they let people post their own photos of the areas. Great fun!! PS Quinn makes a Great Traveler!!
Hugs to Laura Jean & Quinn...
Unc Joe

t said...

Hey Uncle Joe - Bigfoot sighting project? Awesome!