Sunday, April 13, 2008

Big Week

We just got back from a week in Arizona. Laura Jean had a ministry retreat and I went along to make sure the baby was properly tickled and all that good stuff. We spent the weekend in Tucson, (re)visiting Kitt Peak and other former stomping grounds. (More pictures will be coming soon.) Most of the week, however, was spent at a very nice Catholic retreat center in Phoenix surrounded by cacti-covered hills, basking in the low-80s temperatures.

At any rate, it was a big week for Quinn! The girl is not yet 5 months old but has already traveled to six states. And as Laura Jean recently posted, Quinn succeeded at getting her foot into her mouth by herself, and we also started down the road toward "solid" food. Very exciting!!

While in AZ, we also took Quinn for her first swim in the hotel's swimming pool. After some initial hesitation, she quite enjoyed herself. This might even be more fun than bathtime...

More photos below the fold...

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