Sunday, November 25, 2007

Data Blogging: Name Popularity

One website we had quite a bit of fun with while choosing a name for Quinn was the Social Security Administration's historical ranking of the popularity of baby names. Here are the popularities over the past 100 years of some of our names:

Timothy and Laura are clearly baby-boomer names (although neither cracked the top 10), while Jean and Irene are somewhat old-fashioned and have been on the decline for years (the combination Laura Jean didn't crack the top 1000). Quinn, as a name for a girl, is rarer but growing more popular in recent years (Quinn for a boy is more common).

One quibble is that I wish they provided raw numbers of people with each name in addition to rank popularity (since there are considerably more people now than in 1907). Anyway, it's a fun website to play with.


hbomb said...

Did boppyjean tell you that Quinn was the number one name on my girl list? Congrats! I love the pictures. We restarted our blog (new url... so that we could keep people updated on Fiona.

t said...

Hey hbomb - yeah, I think I heard that Quinn was on your list, but Fiona is a pretty great name too, in addition to being a beautiful baby.

Glad to see you've resurrected Blog-dor. I tried to register to comment, but no password was emailed to me :(