Friday, October 19, 2007

National Bike to Work Day (observed)

Actually, National Bike to Work Day is in May, but I just bought a used bike this week off craigslist (a sweet hybrid for a good price) so today marked my first observance. I pretty much lived on my bike in college, but after having some bad bike karma in grad school I kind of fell out of the habit.

My route to work is pretty easy, about 2 miles mostly downhill, and faster than the bus or train. It's only the last few blocks that I get into the crazy downtown traffic -- dodging buses and taxis and whatnot. Plus my work has showers and bike racks in the office. It's a pretty sweet set-up so I think I'll probably bike in a few days a week and take the bus the rest of the time.

I've been running fairly frequently and think of myself as being in good shape, but I realized that biking definitely uses different muscles than most anything else. It's nice to use them again.


Unknown said...

So how long does it take from your door to your office chair?

t said...

Hi Mom, seriously about 15 minutes by bike, 20-25 by bus. Of course, that's not nearly as nice as your commute :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim,

Alright! Riding to work! I am envious of those showers they provide you! Be careful, when it gets wet! I went out on a joy ride a couple of weekends ago after a rare SoCal rain and one sharp turn later I was on the pavement. Lucky I was wearing my brain bucket so I was only slightly concussed!! Maybe it knocked some sense into me?? Maybe NOT!! Worst part was that I crushed my Ipod:(!! Give Laura Jean a hug from us and the newest addition to your family!!!
Unc Joe

t said...

Hey Uncle Joe! - sorry to hear about your spill and crushed iPod, hope it wasn't too bad a concussion :-p Glad you were wearing the helmet!

We're pretty excited about the new addition (any day now) and will definitely send pictures. Hope to see you and everyone over Christmas.