Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It came from the Interweebs...

Some random interesting stuff that's come through my inbox/blog reader lately...
  • Read this article and tell me Barack Obama would not be an awesome president.
  • Fun with dots and music from the Exploratorium: The Dot Mixer.
  • Apparently there is (very possibly) Water on Mars. Which is really exciting, if you think about it -- even really simple life forms would be HUGE from a comparative biology standpoint. OK, enough geeky stuff.
  • Ha ha, just kidding. The Political Leanings of Superheroes -- 'nuff said.
  • How To Talk To A Climate Skeptic: A well-organized point-by-point rebuttal of most of the climate skeptics' greatest hits.
  • Lie By Lie: A well-organized month-by-month reminder of just exactly what the Bush administration was saying in the lead up to the Iraq war.
  • A pretty neat-o collection of historical maps.


Anonymous said...

Ok, time to connect the DOTS… Obama(Capt America) and Hilary(Wonder Woman) run on a combined ticket whose platform is The Prez is from Mars and the Veep is from Venus! Geez Its getting HOT in here! Think its time that we redraw a few congressional district MAPs! Not to worry though cause as Cheney says for sure “We’ll be greeted as liberators!!”… Its time we stop eh what’s that sound everybody look what’s goin down.

boppyjean said...

love the superheroes. no time for others now... but couldn't resist.

happy christmas --

boppyjean said...

Is this your ad? I mean, from UCS?


Saw it in Sojourners of all places. Love it. Scientists and Evangelicals may yet be friends. A Christmas/Festivus miracle.

t said...

Hey boppyjean. Yep, that's our ad - cute kid, eh? I hadn't realized UCS is running ads in Sojourners, but its's great that they are. Happy Christmas!

Unknown said...

Loved the story about Obama.