Friday, September 08, 2006

Summer of Travels, Part 1

At long last, we're back in our new home in Arlington, VA and are mostly settled in. I've accumulated lots to blog about, but for now I'll just post some pics of some of our travels this summer.

Early in the summer, we went to Virginia to scope out our new house and have our first meal together with Jesse, Grace and Amy.

Then we took a trip to Omaha, Nebraska to visit with our friends, Becky and Joe. Becky was roomies with Laura Jean at Christ House, and we had to miss their wedding last summer since we were double booked with another friend's wedding that same day.

By random coincidence, my Mom and my Aunt Kathleen were also in Nebraska visiting family with my grandmother, and they drove to Omaha to take us to lunch...

... and some delicious locally made ice cream.

We also went car-camping with Bromleigh and Josh up in Kettle Moraine State Park in Wisconsin.

If you're into geology, Kettle Moraine is really cool since it marks part of the furthest advance of the glaciers during the last ice age and has lots of really unusual land formations. They are building a 1,000-mile trail called the Ice Age Trail that takes you through Wisconsin all along the edge of the glacial advance; we walked about 20 feet on the trail just for fun.

Mostly, we just enjoyed the woods and the water and the feeling that we weren't in the middle of an enormous city.

Then we were off to Ann Arbor, Michigan for Eduardo and Jen's wedding.

There were lots of Chicago folks making the trek over, along with dancing...

... and cake.

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