Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Like a Dirigible

Another Wednesday -- March Fools Day, I suppose. I feel there has been a distinct lack of excitement in my life during this last week. Somehow, I have become non-descript of late. Hmmm.

Elsewhere, in more exciting places, archaeologists have recently discovered the Lost Kingdom of Tambora which was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1815 (similarly to Pompeii). Which leads me to ask: Have fields like archaeology and history reached the point where all the big discoveries have been made? Physics appears to be a bottomless well of experimental information, but perhaps archaeology will advance to a point where all the low-hanging fruit have been picked and there's just nothing more to dig up and no more manuscripts to decipher. Or are there major discoveries a few feet down, as big as finding Troy or King Tut, and researchers in those fields have just barely scratched the surface? I guess it's naturally an impossible question to answer, but I'd be curious if anyone has an opinion.

Anyway, more diversions. If you've ever played a musical instrument (or tried), you might find this funny. I first saw it several years ago and nearly ruptured a spleen laughing. For some reason I was inspired to track it down tonight. Still funny.

Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz, by John Stump

"adagio cantabile with a rock tempo feel!"
"like a New Orleans concertina choir!"
"release the penguins!"

In lieu of an actual performance (which would rule!), someone should really create a MIDI file out of it...

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Life will always be curious.